Real or Fake?
A variety of similar music promotion services on the internet promise you thousands of plays/followers but cannot show where they came from. You can see our SoundCloud repost chain and it’s 100% real people. In fact, you can check it yourself by visiting all of our pages where we repost your music. SoundCloud shows all reposts on the repost page of your track. You can manually review every account that interacts with your music during our Repost Campaign and make sure it’s a real person. Every day we connect new SoundCloud channels to our Repost Chain in order to increase the audience we can provide for your music exposure.

How it works?
We have many followers on our SoundCloud pages. As a result, we exchange reposts with other large and not very SoundCloud members. In short, we repost the track of another artist, in return they reposts our track (in this case, your track). The pages of artists, labels, beatmakers, agencies and just listeners repost your tracks. They are real, many of them verified, regularly publish new tracks and have pro subscriptions.

What accounts will I get reposted on?
You’ll receive reposts from many different accounts depending on the genre of your track like:

Dirty Music / Production (275K+ followers)
Topdjs Network (123K+ followers)
Cool Kitty (83K+ followers)
DJ LEX GREEN (59K+ followers)
EDM Nations (34K+ followers)
ℍ𝔸ℤ. (26K+ followers)
Magic Sound Beats (24K+ followers)
4nzek (23K+ followers)
Darken Daze (8K+ followers)
K.F.M. (6K+ followers)

as well as many other big and small real accounts…

Which content type are you promoting?
We only promoting music (tracks, mixes, remixes), not sample packs, services, e-books or anything else.

What music genres do you promote?
We promote most popular genres, including Hip-Hop & Rap, R&B, Trap, Pop, EDM, House, Techno and many more.

Can I promote the same track multiple times?
Yes, you can, but unfortunately if you have used Ultimate Package, you will not able to promote it again.

The price is for single track or I can submit a playlist?
Depending on the service you have chosen. You can choose to promote the playlist or track.

Which delivery time of my promotion?
You can choose the delivery time in most packages. Standard delivery may take up to 4 days. We try to fulfill your order as soon as possible.

How many streams will I get from your promotion?
It is impossible to accurately answer this question. This is organic promotion, so there are too many factors affecting the number of streams. We recommend calculating about 1-2% of the total repost reach, but even this figure can vary greatly, up and down, depending on the genre and the quality of your track. Don’t expect a millions of plays. It’s an organic music promotion, safe and algorithm friendly. If your track is “right one”, SoundCloud algorithms will do the magic.

Do you gave a Moneyback Guarantee?
Sure! You can request a refund if your order is not started on time.

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